What’s your videography style?


We don’t like pompous wording and would rather our wedding films speak for themselves. But if we were to describe what we do, it would be Cinematic Storytelling.

Cinematic - because what sets apart a movie from a home video is its exceptional quality and a specific, very relevant color. We pride ourselves in the natural yet a little magical and airy colors. This is the result of using great video-making gear and hours of color grading. We do not distort the true look of your day with unnatural digital filters because we believe in preserving the authentic atmosphere of your wedding.

The storytelling part comes from the fact that we do not just overlay pretty shots with random music. We believe that a video only comes to life when there is a good story behind it. Every shot is there for a reason and the audio is tightly knit with the visuals to help tell your story on a different emotional level. 



Do you make videos with voice-overs?


We sure do. Your longer videos will have professionally recorded sound from the ceremony and the reception. It’s your choice if you want your highlight video to have parts of speeches or just music in it.



Do you take photos too?


Generally, we don’t do wedding photography. If you consider not hiring a photographer for your wedding and just need a few pictures along with a video, we can discuss it. 



Do you have smaller packages?


Yes and no. In order to produce the kind of wedding films we like, we need to be there all day. We like to experience your wedding in its entirety, get to know you, your family and friends and just feel the vibe of the day. That’s why we don’t like cutting our package in half. 

It doesn’t mean we don’t customize. Reach out with a package you’re looking for and we’ll most probably figure something out for you. 



My fiancé and I are camera shy. Will we be comfortable with so many cameras around?


We’ve heard this from a few of our couples in the past. We have their videos on our website and you’ll never guess which ones they are:) 



How do we make our wedding video even more awesome?


Well, that’s easy! Just spend some time with us throughout the day and don’t forget to have fun. We want you to live the moment and enjoy every minute of your day so that we have plenty of emotions to capture. 



Do you travel?


Wherever your wedding is, we’ll be there.