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Our recipe for writing a great Best Man/Maid of Honor speech

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

So you’ve been asked to be a Best Man or Maid of Honor. That’s an honor and it also means that pretty soon you’ll need to give a speech - a fact that can be a little nerve wracking, especially if you weren’t born a public speaker.

Personally, we love it when the Best Man and Maid of Honor come to the wedding reception prepared - a good speech can make the night and become a jewel of the wedding video! We’ve heard a few hundred speeches by now and most of them were good, but some just hit it out of the ballpark. Here’s what we’ve noticed they have in common: 


If you can, instead of monotonously reading the entire speech, write down just the outline and use it as needed - it'll make the speech much more lively and personal.

  1. The Best Man or Maid of Honor do not talk about themselves. Instead, they talk about how they know the bride or groom and how they affected their lives.

  2. They describe who the bride or groom are as an individual by telling a short story that showcases their good qualities or by highlighting the habits or talents that make them unique for everyone who knows them.

  3. This one goes to the Best Men - no roasting, please! A little humor is always great but don’t go overboard with it - this day is meant for celebrating love, not watching a stand-up comedy act.

  4. The speaker talks about the bride and groom as a couple: how they have transformed each other, what they have overcome and what they anticipate in the future.

  5. The speech is brief yet exciting and compelling. It’s personal and emotional. 

Watch a few of our favorite Maid of Honor and Best Man speeches to get inspired:

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